30 Days English Speaking Course

30 Days English Speaking Course
30 Days English Speaking Course

Do you dream of speaking English fluently and confidently? Are you tired of struggling in group classes and longing for personalised attention? Then look no further than English Partner’s One-to-One English Speaking Courses!

Our specialized programs offer the perfect solution for individuals seeking to take their English fluency to the next level.

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to communicate effectively and confidently in English is more valuable than ever. Whether you’re looking to develop your career, study abroad, or simply connect with people from all over the globe, mastering spoken English opens door to a lot of opportunities. 

At English Partner, we understand the unique challenges individuals face when learning a new language. That’s why we offer a complete solution: Online One-on-One English Speaking Coaching. This unique approach provides you with the flexibility, convenience, and effectiveness you need to achieve fluency and confidence in your spoken English.

Here's why Online One-on-One Coaching is the perfect choice for you:

Excellent Flexibility:

  • Learn from anywhere, anytime: Break the barriers and learn from the comfort of your own home or office. Our online platform allows you to schedule lessons at your convenience, by making sure that your English learning journey fits perfectly into your busy life.
  • Customise your learning schedule: Whether you prefer rapid improvement or a more gradual approach, your coach will schedule the learning pace according to your individual needs and learning style.
  • Continuous availability: With our online portal, you’ll have access to learning materials, resources, and communication with your coach 24/7, empowering you to learn and practice anytime, anywhere.

Unmatched Personalised Attention:

  • Your dedicated coach: Say goodbye to the limitations of large group classes! You’ll be assigned a dedicated coach who will provide personalised feedback, guidance, and support throughout your learning journey.
  • Focus on your specific goals: Whether you want to improve your pronunciation, fluency, or vocabulary in a particular area, your coach will train the syllabus to address your unique goals and challenges.
  • Overcome your individual learning barriers: Feeling shy about speaking in public? Struggling with a specific grammar point? Your coach will identify your individual learning barriers and develop strategies to help you overcome them.

Unmatched Learning Effectiveness:

  • Interactive and engaging sessions: Our online platform allows for interactive lessons, discussions, and real-time feedback, keeping you motivated and engaged throughout your learning journey.
  • Advanced technology at your hands: Utilise our advanced online tools and resources, such as virtual whiteboards, screen sharing, and multimedia content, to improve your learning experience and make it more lively.
  • Track your progress and celebrate your achievements: Monitor your progress through personalised reports and celebrate your achievements along the way, staying motivated and inspired to reach your full potential.


Online One-on-One English Speaking Coaching at English Partner offers the perfect solution for busy professionals, students, and individuals who want to:

  • Master spoken English quickly and efficiently
  • Gain the confidence to communicate effectively in any situation
  • Achieve their specific goals and overcome their unique challenges
  • Enjoy a flexible and convenient learning experience
  • Unlock a world of opportunities with fluent English communication

Why Choose 30- Days English Speaking Courses?

  • Personalised learning: Our experienced teachers designs the course syllabus to your unique goals and learning style. This makes sure that you maximise your learning potential and achieve gradual progress.
  • Individualised attention: Forget fighting for attention in a crowded classroom. One-to-one sessions allow you to receive personalised feedback and guidance, increasing your progress and addressing your specific difficulties.
  • Flexibility: We offer flexible scheduling options to suit your busy life. You can choose lesson times and durations that fit your needs, ensuring your English learning journey doesn’t disturb  your daily routine.

Confident communication: Our interactive sessions encourage active participation and conversation, providing a comfortable and supportive learning environment. You’ll gain confidence in expressing yourself clearly and fluently in any situation.

  • Effective learning: Our engaging lessons are combined by a variety of teaching methods and materials, keeping you motivated and engaged throughout your learning journey.

Who benefits from English Speaking Courses?

  • Professionals seeking career advancement
  • Students preparing for exams
  • Individuals wanting to improve social communication skills
  • People planning to travel or study abroad
  • Anyone who wants to achieve fluency and confidence in spoken English

What sets 30- Days English Partner apart?

  • Qualified and experienced teachers: Our passionate team consists of native English speakers with great experience in teaching English as a second language.
  • Proven teaching methodology: We utilise a research-based approach that combines effective techniques to make sure successful language learning
  • Supportive learning environment: We give a welcoming and positive atmosphere where you feel comfortable making mistakes and learning from them.
  • Technology-enhanced learning: We put forward interactive online tools and resources to provide an active and engaging learning experience.
  • Customizable course materials: Our personalised materials aims to your specific learning needs and interests, making the learning process enjoyable and useful.

Invest in Your Future with English Partner

Don’t hesitate to invest in your future success by taking advantage of English Partner’s One-to-One English Speaking Courses. With our dedicated support and personalised guidance, you’ll be speaking English confidently and fluently in no time!

At English Partner, we understand that every learner’s journey towards fluency is unique. That’s why we’ve designed our One-to-One English Speaking Course curriculum to be flexible and individualised, adapting to your specific needs and goals.

Our curriculum is built upon four major pillars:

1.Needs Assessment:

  • Initial consultation: We begin by conducting a comprehensive assessment to understand your current English proficiency, learning goals, and any specific areas you’d like to target.
  • Regular progress monitoring: Throughout the course, we regularly rate your progress and adjust the syllabus accordingly, ensuring you stay on track and achieve your goals.

2.Personalized Learning:

  • Customised lesson plans: Each lesson is set to your specific needs and interests, combining relevant topics, materials, and activities.
  • Differentiated instruction: We utilise a variety of teaching methods and materials, serving to your individual learning style and preferences.

Focus on your strengths and weaknesses: We identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide targeted instruction to improve your overall fluency.

3.Interactive Activities:

  • Conversational practice: Our interactive sessions encourage active participation and real-time communication, allowing you to practise speaking English in a comfortable and supportive environment.
  • Role-playing scenarios: We  real-world situations to help you develop practical communication skills and build confidence in various contexts.
  • Creative activities: We combine activities like debates, presentations, and storytelling to make learning fun and promote natural language learning.

4.Skill Development:

  • Pronunciation: We provide targeted instruction and practice activities to improve your pronunciation and fluency.
  • Vocabulary expansion: We introduce you to new vocabulary words and expressions relevant to your interests and goals.
  • Grammar and mechanics: We provide clear explanations and practice opportunities to solidify your understanding of grammar rules and sentence structures.
  • Listening comprehension: We use proper audio materials and exercises to help you develop your listening skills and understand spoken English in various accents and speeds.
  • Fluency and accuracy: We focus on developing your fluency and accuracy in spoken English, enabling you to express yourself clearly and confidently in any situation.

Additional Features:

  • Interactive online platform: Access your personalised learning materials, track your progress, and stay connected with your teacher through our convenient online platform.
  • Additional resources: We provide access to a wide range of additional resources, including online exercises, articles, podcasts, and audiobooks, to enhance your learning experience.
  • Constant support: We offer ongoing support and guidance throughout your learning journey to ensure you achieve your desired fluency level.


With English Partner’s One-to-One English Speaking Course, you’ll receive a comprehensive and personalised program that is designed according to your unique needs and goals. Our experienced teachers will guide you every step of the way as you begin your journey towards fluency and confidently express yourself in English.

Want to speak English quickly? Join our 30-Day English Speaking Course.

Our course is designed to help you quickly master spoken English. Perfect for beginners and those looking to enhance their speaking skills. Start your journey to fluency today!

English Partner helps learners learn grammar  with practical exercises, quizzes, and real-life examples, one-to-one speaking activities to use grammar correctly in speaking and writing. 

We prioritize improving pronunciation and fluency through specific drills and speaking exercises. Additionally, we offer techniques to enhance intonation, stress, and rhythm, all of which contribute to boosting English fluency.

The course begins with basic training. Our trainers are capable of teaching you even if you have no prior knowledge of English.

You will only need a mobile phone with internet access to view our course materials. A microphone or headphones are optional for performing speaking exercises.

At English Partner, our course is designed to offer flexibility. You can access the course materials whenever you have free time and proceed through the lessons at your preferred time. 

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