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Advance Level English Course

Introduction Session

Rapid Fire session (Icebreaker)

Activity for tenses

Role play session

Imprompt sessions

JAM Activity

Cow game - [Sentence or word building activity]

Podcast Summary (Select topics based on students age and interest)

Grammar Session

Story Telling session

Book Review/Movie Review

Describing Proverbs

Prepared Speeches

Ask the 4 “IF” questions


Idioms & Phrases

Show & tell

Develop story from hints/ Hints Development

Art of Questioning

Read out loud activity

Video briefing/ Ted talks summary

Learn new words


Translation Activities

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Intermediate Trainer


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Frequently Asked Questions

The advanced-level course helps one to build confidence, fluency, proficiency, and pronunciation majorly. We include a lot of activities like public speaking, interaction, communication, complete grammar training, email writing, etiquette, and a lot more to make everyone’s daily life easier out there. Especially there are a lot of professionals who lose their promotion opportunities, a candidate failing their interview, or someone who is scared to communicate, English partner has got everyone’s back.

Advanced-level courses can be joined by anyone but are usually preferred most by working professionals as they need it in their day-to-day life. Or the students & professionals who are trying to expand their career opportunities as most individuals lack confidence due to their low proficiency and fluency in the English language.

Every student will be allotted a personal trainer for their learning session for their intensive learning in advanced-level courses. The course engages students in pronunciation, vocabulary learning, and public speaking activities to gain fluency in speaking with an accent. Most of the major subjects would include spoken English to gain proficiency.

Absolutely! Our students have the liberty to learn at their own pace but simultaneously if the students need some additional learning within the syllabus existing in the advanced level course then the trainers do take the special request from students for their learning interests and progress. We encourage our students to take up more tasks to gain fluency as well as proficiency.

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