Intermediate Level

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Intermediate Level English Course

Have, has, do, does –

Had, have, don’t, doesn’t
Translation+ voice message

Articles, Preposition (in),
Voice activity

Preposition (on) +
Voice activity

Preposition (To, of) +
activity with phrase

(For, by, with, over)

Preposition (About) ,
Overview of Prepositions

How to use should and must
according to verb forms

Will vs shall (Future tense)

Past tense

Past tense +
Reading activity

Funny questions
(listening activity)

Past tense (did)

Translation with
prize money

Translation (past)

Past tense (translation)

Learn from mistakes

Story telling activity

Simple present (do, does)

Future tense (Revision)

Translation + Do, does, did,
didn’t usage

Three forms of verb

voice message activity

Difference between spoken
and written English

There is, there are,
there was, there were

Story translation

have been + ing, has been +
ing, may, might

Revision class +
should have

Should have + V3

Would, would have and
could, could have

Would, would have and could, could have
(Voice message activity)

Translation (WH questions)

Relative pronouns

Advanced level translation

Advanced level
(learn from mistakes)

I wish, I were Sentences

Translation revision
(42 questions)

Phrase + Idioms

Learn from mistakes

Story reading

Active and Passive voice
Present perfect tense
Present perfect tense (Translation)
Reading activity
Level test questions
Passive voice (negative sentence)
Voice message (Reading activity)
Passive and Active voice translation
Am, is, was, were (Be form verbs)
Common Mistakes + Phrases
Had + 3Rd form (Past perfect tense)
Story reading, neither nor, either or
Voice message (story reading)
Review writing
Last class
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The intermediate level course is the level where you start learning major grammar subjects like adjectives, tenses, articles, use of countable and uncountable nouns in a sentence, phrases and subject, use of verbs in tenses etc. students will also do jam activity, storytelling activity, speaking room session with their trainers to start gaining a good hold on the language.

The intermediate course can be joined by students of any age who want to gain proficiency with grammar, the use of tenses and verbs in tenses, the use of articles, nouns, and adjectives, and those who want to improve their communication and pronunciation skills in English. The intermediate course engages our students in many different activities for students to have a fun learning session with their trainers.

For the intermediate level, students will have access to 5 different trainers who will be personally taking care of the students in speaking room training, grammar training, jam activities, and a lot more.

To gain proficiency in any language, there are common steps you can use to do that. Here are some that you can use to become proficient in English;

  • communicate with other people in English
  • read books/magazines/newspapers that are in English
  • watch movies/series in English
  • do not be afraid to make mistakes as you will learn from them
  • expand your vocabulary by learning a new word
  • set goals for yourself with your learning

As all of the English partner courses are online, there is no availability of offline courses.

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