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Who is this course for
 Are you a complete beginner in learning English?
 Do you want to start learning English from the alphabet?
 Do you want to gain confidence in learning English?
 Do you need basic language learning exercises?
 Do you desire to be able to read and write English?


Who is this course for
 Are you a beginner at learning English?
 Do you want to learn basic grammar?
 Do you want to start your English communication?
 Do you want to improve your reading skills?
 Do you want to improve your listening comprehension?


Who is this course for
 Do you want to improve your English speaking skills?
 Improve your vocabulary in English?
 Correct your grammatical mistakes?
 Do you want to learn the correct pronunciation?
 Do you want to approach your job interview with confidence?


Who is this course for
 Want to be a fluent speaker in English?
 Would you like to speak confidently in public?
 Do you need accent training?
 Would you like to go to your job interview with confidence?

Course Levels & Features

Pre-Basic Level Course

Learn English from the scratch

Basic English writing

Day-to-day words

Action words

Learn to read

Basic Level Course

Know to introduce yourself

Ask and understand questions

Frame sentence on your own

Interview tips and tricks

Translate English well.

Intermediate Level Course

Make error-free sentence

Thorough with grammar

Identify Mistakes And Correct them

Equip your writing skill

Be a fluent reader of English

Advance Level Course

Correct your accent

Attain a high level of fluency

Become a confident public speaker

Host your business meet at ease

Achieve the LSRW skill

English Course Trainers

Pre-Basic Trainer


Intermediate Trainer


Basic Trainer


Intermediate Trainer


Pre-Basic Trainer

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English Courses: Learn English Online through WhatsApp

Are you searching for a comprehensive and convenient way to learn English online? Look no further than the English Partner’s English Course. Our online English courses, accessible through WhatsApp, provide a highly effective and flexible learning experience that will help you master the English language.

Why Choose English Partner’s English Course?

At English Partner, we understand the importance of selecting the right English course that meets your unique learning needs. Here are several reasons why our platform stands out and can help you achieve your language goals:

Expert Instructors: Guiding You to Success

Our team of highly qualified instructors is dedicated to your success. They possess extensive experience in teaching English as a second language and have a deep understanding of the language learning process. With their guidance and expertise, you’ll receive personalized instruction tailored to your specific needs, ensuring effective and efficient progress.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Mastering All Language Skills

English Partner’s English Course covers all aspects of language acquisition, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to develop your language skills holistically, enabling you to communicate effectively in real-life situations. Each lesson is carefully crafted to provide a balanced focus on all language components, empowering you to become a confident English speaker.

Interactive Learning Experience: Engage and Retain Knowledge

We believe that interactive learning is the key to long-term retention and language mastery. Our course integrates various multimedia resources, interactive exercises, and engaging activities to make your learning experience dynamic and enjoyable. Through real-life simulations, role-plays, and discussions, you’ll actively apply your language skills, solidifying your understanding and boosting your confidence in English.

Personalized Approach: Tailored to Your Learning Style

At English Partner, we understand that every learner is unique. That’s why our English course takes a personalized approach to cater to your individual learning style and preferences. We adapt our teaching methods, materials, and pace to ensure optimal learning outcomes. Whether you prefer visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learning, our instructors will customize the lessons to suit your needs, maximizing your language acquisition potential.

Learn English through WhatsApp: Learn Anytime, Anywhere

We understand that life can be busy, and finding time for language learning can be challenging. That’s why the EP English Course offers a flexible learning schedule that fits seamlessly into your routine. With our online English courses through WhatsApp, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace and at a time that works best for you. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or a busy parent, our flexible schedule ensures that you can prioritize your language learning without compromising your other commitments.

Ongoing Support and Feedback: Your Success is Our Priority

We are committed to your language learning journey beyond the classroom. Our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions, provide assistance, and address any concerns you may have. Additionally, our instructors offer continuous feedback, helping you identify areas for improvement and guiding you towards language proficiency.

Affordable Pricing: Quality Education Within Reach

We believe that high-quality English education should be accessible to all. English Partner’s English Course offers competitive pricing plans, ensuring that you receive exceptional value for your investment. We strive to make our program affordable without compromising on the quality of instruction, making language learning accessible to a wide range of learners.

Join English Partner Today and Take Your English Skills to New Heights

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to improve your English language skills with the EP English Course. Our online English courses through WhatsApp offer convenience, flexibility, and expert instruction, allowing you to learn English from anywhere and at any time. Join us today and unlock your full potential in the English language.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some easy ways to enrol English Partner, for which you need to contact our counsellors for enrolment.
How can you contact our counsellors?
Go to our English Partner website englishpartner.com and click on the WhatsApp link which connects you to our counsellors. If you are a social media person, then you can find the link in our bio on Instagram, Facebook, etc, and even in the description box in any of our posts.

English Partner offers many amazing courses according to the level you need to start with, such as, 

  • Pre basic level
  • Basic level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level
  • IELTS prep

Before you enrol in any of our courses, our counsellors provide you with a level test to observe your performance and suggest you the right course to start with.

Learning a language through your native language is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to learn it. And we always choose the best for our students and we try to make our students have the most of it. This is why we hire professional trainers from all the regional areas having expertise in English and particular regional language to provide our students with the best learning experience with our trainers.

Why are we one of the best English learning platforms? This is one of the most usual questions asked. Here are some reasons for it;

  • Our courses help the student learn through their native language.
  • Our students can learn anytime, anywhere
  • We segregate students according to their level and pace of learning for excellent progress and outcomes.
  • Our course duration is 2-6 months for each level which is comparatively shorter than other courses offered by different platforms.
  • Our courses are affordable to all
  • We offer our students lifetime assistance with their trainers.

Yes! Our courses are not just valid for 6 months but also offer you lifetime assistance with the trainers as well. But the duration of your learning happens in the span of these 6 months.

English Partner course fee varies between 3500-4000 Rs depending on the course level you are in and they also provide exciting offers all the time for you to avail and start your happy learning.

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